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Sammut Bulow also ensures you have the correct support network for your business. Many businesses struggle because a clear avenue of support in complementary areas is not readily available to them.

Sammut Bulow takes the stress out of finding the right support networks by offering a strategic partnership and specialised alliances service. This includes expertise in business and personal investment along with strong partnerships in: 


Based on your lifestyle and financial goals, we help identify your advice needs and develop a comprehensive plan that will achieve those goals. The plan is updated annually, or as your situation changes.

Services include:

Wealth Accumulation Advice 

• Wealth Creation
Provide tax effective strategies, including advice around the most tax effective structure to house your investments. Specialise in providing advice on the following structures: Self-managed super funds; Discretionary trusts and Companies.
• Debt minimization
Examine the tax deductibility and cost effectiveness of your debt and recommend restructuring where appropriate.
• Borrowing for Investment
Analyse your cash flow, current debt levels and investment timeframe to make appropriate recommendations around borrowing to invest. Correctly structured, this strategy can magnify your investment returns, diversify your assets and provide taxation benefits.
• Salary sacrifice
Help increase your super savings while decreasing income tax payable in your own name.
• Transition to Retirement
Show you how to reduce your working hours without reducing your income by topping up your part-time income with regular income from your super savings.

Planning for Retirement and Beyond

The state of your estate - work with your legal adviser to establish a suitable, personalised estate plan including:
• Wills;
• Powers of attorney and guardianship;
• Discretionary and testamentary trusts;
• Death Benefit Nominations;
• Re-contribution strategy;
• Assisting those who have inherited shares;
• Charitable trusts; and
• Special disability trusts.

Preparing for your retirement
Work with you to put a plan together for your retirement. Look at the 'big picture' and discuss what you want from your retirement and what you need to achieve this. 

Unlocking the Power of your Superannuation

Self-Managed Super Fund experts
• Self-Managed Superannuation Funds: Review your current super fund and advise on the appropriateness of a self-managed super fund.
• Self-Managed Investment Strategy: Prepare and implement an investment strategy for your fund and review it with you regularly.

Gearing in super
To ensure you have enough to retire, we can provide advice around 'super gearing'. This utilises the low tax superannuation structure and allows you to potentially borrow funds to purchase property within super. This strategy helps you unlock your super fund without affecting your lifestyle.

Succession Planning
Nobody likes to think about it, but it's inevitable that one day you will leave your business.A succession, or exit plan can outline who takes over your business, what the process might be in handing over control, and how you can extract monies to provide for your next phase in life.

We proactively provide advice to businesses and landowners dealing with possible events including:
• Death;
• Disability;
• Disagreement;
• Divorce; or
• Retirement.

Working with you to identify potential future needs and make concrete plans. By planning your exit well in advance, you can maximize the value of your business and ensure that it meets your needs, as well as generations to follow.

For more information email enquiries@sbwealth.com.au 

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SB Lending is a Mortgage Broking and Finance Management firm committed to tailoring financial solutions to meet clients's needs now and in the future.

"Our lending team knows the value of understanding your finances, so we can to bring together suitable solutions, and make borrowing simple for you." – Matt Gnech, Director, SB Lending

 Basically we want to remove the stress and maximise your financial position, by

  • Understanding your needs
  • Comparing and evaluating your options
  • Calculating your borrowing power
  • Doing all the legwork, for you

From Home Loans to Business finance SB Lending can help find the perfect solution for your lending needs.

Get in contact with us at enquiries@sblending.com.au or www.sblending.com.au


SB Life is dedicated to providing advice for personal insurance and superannuation needs, tailored specifically to you, your family & your business.

Peace of mind and financial success comes from taking control and following a plan. At SB Life we take the time to make sure the plans are tailored to your personal circumstances and executed with utmost care to maximise wealth creation and its protection. 

We know navigating through polices and options is tiring, confusing and time consuming.  SB Life does the hard work for you and our unwavering commitment to fulfilling your financial goals is met through a personalised and holistic solution.

SB Life is an accomplished Financial Planning firm who are Authorised through Professional Investment Services. We specialise in providing personal insurance and superannuation advice for you, your family & your business.

  • Life Insurance
  • TPD Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Buy/Sell Insurance Key
  • Person Insurance
  • Super Consolidation
  • Retirement Planning

Get in contact with us at advice@sblife.com.au 


When the subject of insurance comes up, it is generally not met with a great deal of interest or enthusiasm much of the time. However, having adequate insurance coverage of all types is an integral part of keeping your financial security and best interests in line. While it may be an appealing proposition to think that your home will never be damaged by a natural disaster or that you will never get into an automobile accident, the truth is that the best course of action is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

If you are a business owner you also have a lot to worry about. You have to keep your customers happy, your employees paid, and your liabilities from getting involved with lawsuits low. In addition to all of this, you have to keep a suitable amount of business insurance on hand to cover your business should an unfortunate accident occur.

As an appointed General Insurance Adviser or Professional, we will:

  • Conduct an analysis of your risk/needs and recommend the most appropriate covers to protect your assets and liabilities
  • Recommend the appropriate insurer to match the risk
  • Only recommend financially secure and stable insurers
  • Provide alternatives on your risk retention through various excess options
  • Allow you to pay premiums in monthly installments
  • Provide prompt and timely servicing of your general insurance needs to ensure you are adequately informed of issues that may affect your business

As part of one of Australia's biggest General Insurance Brokers, our knowledge of the insurance industry is second to none. Our experience in handling insurance for many thousands of customers enables us to provide the most appropriate advice.

We are committed to making insurance work for you.

For more information email kvince@iaa.net.au

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Vince Insurance Professionals Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR No 442788) of Insurance Advisernet Australia Pty Ltd, AFSL No 240549, ABN 15 003 886 687.